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Confessions of a
Hopeless Dreamer


Dive deep into self-reflection with this beautiful and intimate introspective collection of poetry.


Join nieve as she 'confesses' her darkest secrets over four chapters, one to represent each aspect of her being: the mind, the body, the heart and the soul, on her journey to self-love and acceptance.


At once vulnerable and hopeful, this book is for anyone in need of healing. Whether it's grief, heartbreak, or lack of clarity, these words are both the comfort and the cure.


Beautifully illustrated throughout.





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locate your copy



My book is available online, worldwide, in both paperback and ebook formats. You can find it pretty much anywhere that sells books. 


If you can't find a link here that works for you, try searching the ISBN 9781919654133 on your preferred website.


Alternatively, support small/local businesses by enquiring at your nearest bookshop, order and collect from there! 

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