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21 life lessons I learnt in 21 years

The other day, I read back some of my old diary entries. I’ve always been on and off with writing a diary, and I’ve never been able to keep it up for long, but there are still pages and pages of journals filled with my thoughts that sit underneath my bed, collecting dust. I found an entry I had written on the eve of my 21st birthday, where I had written ‘21 things [I’d] learnt about life in 21 years’. I was so surprised by how relevant these things still felt to my life today, and how much wisdom I seemed to have at 21, even though I don’t necessarily remember it. I can’t say I’ve been entirely loyal to these things since, but reading the list did give me a little bit of inspiration and made me feel all nostalgic and happy. So, I thought I’d share it with you all, and maybe it’ll inspire you too.

1) People will like you more if you like yourself.

2) But you don’t need people to like you in order to like yourself.

3) Something doesn’t have to be cracked, to be broken. Like your phone, or a relationship.

4) There are certain kinds of magic that I know exist, and you’re pretty magical if you can show them: kindness and love.

5) A lot of people can let you down in life, don’t do it to yourself as well.

6) Let feelings happen naturally. They will be worth the wait.

Photos from my original diary entry

7) If you have to question it, you probably already know the answer. Does he like me? It’s a 50/50.

8) If you are lucky enough to have siblings, don’t take it for granted. You’ve basically been given the opportunity of a friend for life, if you take it.

9) Eat it anyway.

10) Risk it now.

11) You cannot, EVER, let yourself be disappointed with something if you know you tried your absolute best.

12) Wear sun cream.

13) Drink lots of water (and sip it!)

14) Don’t be afraid of burdening other people with your problems/questions.

15) Smiling can take you from a 6/10 to a flat out 10. Ok well maybe an 8. But it works even if you’ve got no makeup on, and you’re tired AF, so that’s pretty good going.

16) If you eat something you ‘think’ you don’t like enough times, you’ll begin to like it and eventually love it. Don’t miss out on amazing tastes! Try everything! #mushroomsforever

17) Go with your gut. Your head overthinks and your heart is needy/unreliable.

18) Don’t be afraid to look people in the eye.

19) Ask questions! All of them!

20) Everything happens for a reason.

21) Do things for you. Do what you want to do, take time out for you. You matter. Life matters.

What are some of your life lessons? Leave a comment below with what you would add to the list:


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